February 6, 2009

Maybe it is the season…midway through a New England winter, gray skies and dirty snowbanks.  Maybe it is the time of year…tax season and 1099s and Ws and ohmygosh how can we possibly owe more when there is already so much being taken out of every check?  Maybe it is the world climate…so many people losing jobs and retirement savings and confidence.  All I know is that these last couple of months have been slow and gray and quicksand-ish, treacly.  I feel like a toddler…I DON’T WANNA!!!!!

I know I talk about my cats too much.  But they are such a bright spot…they are constant entertainment.  The house is littered with empty boxes (they love to get in the boxes, push them around the house, biting and tearing and scratching), the occasional tiny animal sacrifice (we don’t know if they are catching things or if they are stealing their big brother’s trophies) and paper bags (great for hiding in and they make a wonderful amount of noise).  The best part is that they are slowly but surely learning the most important skill of all…snuggling.  They each have their snuggle places and they each maintain their own alone spots.  But they now spend a significant portion of the night under the covers or curled into the curve of my legs or sprawled just touching my toes.  Happiness is a warm feline…


One Response to “Slumping…”

  1. i feel the same way myself…i’ve learned to look for the bright spots wherever i am, wherever i go…and i think it does take a wiser, more mature person to find the beauty in small things and enjoy them…there’s a lot of living that has to take place before a person can do that…

    and i miss cats…they’re terrific little animals…

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