What a dream…

January 23, 2009

I sometimes have intense dreams…I remember them for a short while after I awake.  Last night, I had a long convoluted dream that involved looking at GORGEOUS farms that were selling their contents (like yard sale-ing, but indoors – and the farms weren’t selling their contents, the owners of the farms were <G>)…I was really upset because we “lost” my young son and a friend and went on to the next farm without them.  They ended up finding us (they bought a ride <G>).  Maybe it is a sign that I need to stop worrying about my adult children…HA!  Does one ever stop worrying about one’s children…EVER?  I think not.

Because of the dream, I overslept and am starting the day a little foggily.  This may be the day to slug an espresso before I leave for work…


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