New techie toy…

January 22, 2009

I am a strange combination of tech-lover and tech-klutz.  I have a group of women, real and true friends, with whom I have shared the last 15 years or more of life…we were among the original online groups back in the old days and we have kept our group alive online all this time…I had one of the earliest home computers (a T1000, I think, but couldn’t swear to) because I had babies who got sick and I had to work from home…I am good with software, as I have been an administrative assistant for a gazillion years and every work place has had its own software groupings.

That said, I’m lying here with a stomach ache, trying to figure out my new Blackberry Storm.  Yes, I finally pulled the trigger.  Last night, I spent an hour on the phone with a Verizon CS person, Kerry (sp?), trying to get the Storm activated on one number, then transferred to my number with the first number being restored to its owner’s Voyager.  Ohmygosh, what an adventure that was.  She was totally spaced out…she was fun, but sounded like she was on some really good drugs.<G>  I still haven’t heard from the owner of the Voyager that his phone is back in service.

It is now receiving email from my gmail account.  I have to figure out how to get my backed-up contacts loaded into the new phone.  I have to upload chosen applications…my truly darling daughter is going to give me her list of must-haves.  I am getting better at the touch screen, but it is becoming obvious that fingernails can be an issue.  So much to learn…I’m planning to work on it this weekend.


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