I am boring…

January 13, 2009

I haven’t posted in a while because I have nothing terribly interesting to share.  Now that I know my hub reads my blog, I’m more aware of what I say.  I want to scintillate.  Today, I’m not feeling scintillation.

Work is picking up a bit…people seem to be starting to refinance again and there are even those who are still buying and selling!  I like it.

Snow…we have had lots of it so far this winter.  I LOVE it!  I especially love it on the weekend, when I can take my time to enjoy it.  My plow guy loves it, too!

I am buying myself a violin…where did that come from, you ask?  I played the violin as a child…was pretty good at it, I hear.  I made sure that my kids were introduced to violin with lessons at New England Conservatory (they were also taking flute and clarinet at the time, so the violin lessons didn’t last long).  And my niece (an NEC grad) plays like an angel.  I was cruising craigslist and have found an inexpensive full-sized student violin…I think that’s what I will spend some of my Christmas money on…totally decadent and unnecessary but me.  I just hope it doesn’t gather dust.

WOW!  My daughter just signed up for next year’s Walt Disney World half marathon!!!  She is amazing.  GO Bug Child.

What is wrong with people???  On my drive to work yesterday, a half hour on a state road that winds through quiet, suburban towns, I encountered a mad woman!  Traffic was backed up (as it is every morning) in a few places.  We regulars all know the drill and live with it.  This mad woman, in her big silver-gray Murano, honked at me vociferously when traffic was stalled too long for her liking.  At the next snarl, she honked and gave me hand gestures and bobbing head…excuse me????  Did she want me to sprout wings and fly away so she could advance a car length?  Finally, at the third major backup, she revved her engine and roared around me, only to pull into line in front of me.  WOW!  That gained her a whole car length.  I had a good time waving at her and blowing kisses when I passed her a bit later as I made a right turn.  What is wrong with some people?


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