Ice, ice, babee…

January 7, 2009

Haven’t been outside yet, but looking out my front door, I see teeny tiny little granules of ice/sleet covering my world.  School openings here are postponed by two hours (the town in which I work has closed its schools for today) and so far, there has been no traffic in my neighborhood since I awoke at 5am.  Fun!  I’m just waiting for the sun to come up so I can go out and touch it myself.

Had a first organizational meeting of area community theater groups last night…we are attempting to put together a network so that we can share experiences and assets.  It is really funny how tired and unmotivated I feel as I get ready to go to nighttime functions, but how the energy starts to flow when I do anything theater-related.  OK, here are some theater-related questions for you…(1) What plays have you seen lately? (2) What musicals have you seen lately? (3) What plays and musicals would you LIKE to see?  (4)  Do you attend shows or participate in your local community theater?  Just curious…

OK, the first car of the day just drove by…time to go check out the front steps.  Have a good one, all!


One Response to “Ice, ice, babee…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I am dying to see “Wicked”! I missed it when it was in Boston, and keep hoping it will come to Manchester or Lowell, or anywhere! How about your theater group?? I’ll come down! I love theater, especially musicals, but haven’t actually attended anything in too long.

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