It begins again…

January 6, 2009

Life seemed to take a bit of a vacation right before Christmas Day.  My three day work weeks were decadent and wonderful and I enjoyed every bit of them.  But now we are back to real life.  I’m not complaining (well, not a lot, anyway), but it isn’t easing its way back…I got one day to get my feet back under me…today, BOOM!  I’m going to keep breathing and just take one step at a time…all the advice I give friends when they are stressed.

I’m taking a step backwards on my quest for the perfect cell phone.  Before I decide which phone, I need to narrow down exactly what I want AND will use.  Last night, I had an epiphany and realized that a lot of these phones have features I probably couldn’t figure out even if I wanted them.  I want a good camera, want to be able to check my email and respond to it, want to be able to browse the web, want GPS…I need to research whether there is anything else I want.  This slow process is so foreign to my ADD, gotta have it now self…I like it!

I’m keeping an interested eye on shenanigans in the Senate today and tomorrow…who will be seated and who will not and why not…

I just sent my snow plow guy a nice check for all his work last month and they are calling for more snow/ice/sleet tonight into tomorrow.  We’re off to an interesting weather month!

P.S.  I ate cake for dinner last night…yum!


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