It is a gorgeous first day of 2009…

January 1, 2009

We got 8 or so inches of snow last night; once the wind picked up, it whipped it all around…today we have bare patches and piles a foot deep!  And that wind is blowing some incredibly chilly air around…too cold for us to shovel the frozen snow from the front steps and walkway.  So, here I sit, with the fire in the background, college football on TV and the cats and huz all snoozing on the couch.  The chili is in the crockpot and the cornbread won’t take any time to make.  A perfect day.

Don’t know if you saw all the hubhub yesterday about all the Zune 30GB mp3 players freezing on or after midnight December 31, 2008…I went to work yesterday, reached over to turn on my Zune and was greeted with what they are calling the pink screen of death.  The Zune logo was fixed on the screen and nothing would change it.  Turns out it was a leap year glitch and the passage of time fixed it…we all had to drain the Zune’s battery, then not hook it up to the computer or power cord to recharge it until after midnight GMT January 1…I followed the rules and poof!  As if by magic, my Zune is up and running again!  YES!!!!!  Everyone kids me about my Zune, but it works great for me, with photos, podcasts, music and radio.  So, there.

However, I am still in cell phone hell.  I can leave my beloved Verizon for the siren song of the IPhone…so many have said I should.  But I really like Verizon’s service and would love to be able to be happy with a Voyager or a Dare or a Blackberry Storm or other…what to do, what to do, what to do????

Finally, I am getting a little freaked out about my red nails.  I gave it a try, but it is just so not me.  I’m tempted to go take it off and paint them something more subdued.  I am terrible at painting my nails, but it might be worth it.  We’ll see which way the wind blows me!


2 Responses to “It is a gorgeous first day of 2009…”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I too covet an iPhone, but am not willing to leave Verizon for it. While my phone is work provided and therefore I have no choice in the matter, I think the Blackberry Storm looks pretty cool, although I must confess I don’t know anything about the Voyager or Dare.

    I am NOT looking forward to going back home to the 8 inches that fell on NYE – maybe it will be melted by tomorrow??

  2. Andrew Says:

    I still love my Voyager!

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