Dribs and drabs…

December 28, 2008

I have opened my blog every day since Christmas and haven’t actually written a thing.  I have nothing interesting to share.  We had a quiet Christmas day…we didn’t eat breakfast until almost noon and opened presents after that.  The in-laws LOVED the digital picture frame we got them, with an SD card full of old photos.  Dad-in-law was so impressed, he offered us the contents of the family albums to be scanned…I am very excited.

I got a gift card to my favorite store, Chicos, so I will be off to the outlet mall next weekend to splurge.  I got yummy Alaskan smoked salmon and goat milk soap and something in a jar I haven’t figured out yet, among other fun things.  Nice, quiet, understated holiday.  I’m really looking forward to doing absolutely nothing on New Year’s Day.

My kids both had happy holidays, which means a LOT.  Funny how everything is so different when the kids are grown and gone.  Hmmm…I think I have said that a number of times lately.  I don’t miss living with my kids, but I am very happy for them when things are going well.

Now, in the shameless plug division, check out my daughter’s blog, http://sillytatertot.blogspot.com/…she keeps adding all these new things…very interesting, at least to me.  Let’s see what y’all think.


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