Hump day…

October 8, 2008

Such an odd and confusing time right now.  I am a news hound and can’t seem to keep my eyes off the google news page and NYTimes page and my ears off radio and TV.  The various markets are, to put it mildly, adjusting downward, which means our retirement funds are adjusting downwards, as well; the market value of my house is floating in an atmosphere of who the heck knows what is going to happen next.  I am lucky to still have a job, as I work for a solo practitioner who specializes in real estate law (purchases and sales are the most fun).  My husband and kids are fortunate to have fairly secure jobs, but you never know.  The price of gas skyrocketed, and has just recently dropped again.  Our grocery bill hasn’t risen, but that is because our hungry, mid-20s son moved out and we eat more simply these days.  The presidential election process has been long and FULL of input…so many candidates, so much to absorb, then to have it distilled down to two (or, more accurately, four) candidates.  I’m not burned out yet, but a lot of my friends are.  I’m probably helped by the fact that I used to be a radio news person and the clang of the AP and UPI machines were music to my ears (and, yes, I am DEFINITELY dating myself, as those machines went the way of dinosaurs years ago).  These are such interesting times.


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