Monday, Monday…

September 29, 2008

Politics alert…I didn’t mean to, but I do go on a bit about politics below…

Here I lie, in my bed, surrounded by 10 days worth of my husband’s clothing, as he packs for a trip.  On TV is Morning Joe, I have already scanned my online NYTimes and am caught up on email.  It has rained for days and this morning dawned dreary and drippy.  I really need to get up and get ready for work, but I don’t wanna!!!!!

We (mostly my husband) have spent the last couple of weeks trying to reconstruct and resurrect our home desktop.  Service Pack 3 crashed the computer and although we are now able to boot in other than safe mode, we can’t do much else because it keeps finding missing drivers that can’t be loaded in the computer’s current state.  ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH….all we want to do is get the contents of my husband’s IPod uploaded into ITunes on that computer…is that so much to ask???

The news is grim this morning…bank failures are not restricted to the US…lenders in the UK and Belgium are in chaos.  While our congress has come up with something that certain economists say might take us through the November election (???), no one seems happy with any “solution” yet proposed.  Sarah Palin was skewered again on SNL.  I don’t care what your political leanings are, but how can this country elect McCain when Palin would be in place to become PRESIDENT????  Smart, good looking, but not ready to be President.

And, worst of all, Josh Beckett strained an oblique yesterday and won’t be ready to pitch game one of the playoff series.  Woe is us!


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