So freakin’ cute…

September 10, 2008

I am the first to admit it.  I am a cat lover.  My parents were given a siamese cat as a wedding present, so cats have paved the way in my life.  I could just never take to dogs the same way…dogs are way too high maintenance for me.  I am so loving these kittens…they are a HOOT!  They are so totally uninhibited in their play…they stalk each other, pouncing and wrassling and flipping with abandon.  Then they collapse into puddles of sleep.  I could spend the whole day watching them.

Now, the problem…they are as yet unnamed…kind of.  Sunday morning, after hours of tossing names into the air, my dear, dear husband decided to call them Jump (she flies through the air with the greatest of ease) and Jehosaphat…say it together and it sounds like Jumpin Jehosaphat.  And that was it for him.  He wants me to pick their “real” names, but he pointed out, rightly I might add, that our cats are never called by their real names anyway.  So, this has taken some of the luster, some of the joy of research out of this naming process.

Last night, I settled on Puck (the greyer one with the funny face) and Phoebe (the whiter one with the great coloring).  We’ll see if that sticks to them.  I will not have these cats going through life thinking their names are Jump and Jehosaphat!


3 Responses to “So freakin’ cute…”

  1. Choff5 Says:

    I’m a total cat person too and love seeing and hearing about the kitties. Your comment about cat names immediately reminded me of ts elliott’s poem about the naming of cats. Only they really know what their “real” name is afterall.

  2. missalyss Says:

    How cute! I’m a new kitten owner and was just tag surfing. Your babies are darling! I wish I had some name suggestions, but I think Phoebe and Puck are good :O)

  3. ragtopday Says:

    Ohmygosh! So cute! And I really like the names Puck and Phoebe. I think I’ll add them to my dog list! I could rattle off my dog list for you, but I don’t think you need my help with names! I also agree with Choff5 that only the cats know their real names! I wish we could do cats instead of dogs, but sadly the allergy situation around here won’t allow it.

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