‘lympies, etc…

August 14, 2008

We have always watched the Olympics…when my daughter was little, she called it the ‘lympies…too cute.

I am really tired.  But what else do I expect during the Olympics?  My sleep patterns are all askew.  I’m so tired when I get home from work that I fall asleep.  Then I wake up around 11pm and watch the Olympic coverage until the wee wee hours.  I doze off for a couple of hours, then it is time to get up and go to work.  Yawnnnnnn…

Speaking of watching the Olympics, it is really interesting how coverage has changed since I watched my first televised Olympics a gazillion years ago.  I could definitely do with less commentary, but I love all the live action.

I’m getting mentally prepared for family reunion in Maine next week.  I can guarantee lots of good food, hair brushing and braiding and yak yak yak…folks coming from AK, CA, WA, GA, NV, MA and maybe VT.  Our first reunion was 25 years ago, and my generation, which started as the new moms and not yet moms, are now the moms of grown children…our youngest this year is 14.  The best news is that both my parents (with their respective spouses whom I adore) AND all my sisters (including my cousin, who is my “fifth sister”).  Who knows what the next reunion will bring…I hear it is going to be in northern CA in two or three years!

Off I go!  Busy day at work ahead…that’s a good thing…need to be sure I get all loose ends tied up before I go away for a week.


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