More little bits…

August 7, 2008

My Google Reader gleaned only 1 post this morning (thank you, Ragtop), so instead of getting dressed for work, I’m sitting here on my bed, watching the US men’s soccer team beat the Japanese in a well-played game with too many called and uncalled penalties IMHO, sharing little bits.

One more trip to Vermont in our future, probably Saturday, to take The Boy the last of his things (the bikes, biking equipment, desk) that just didn’t fit in the two loads we drove up last Saturday.  He is happy which means I am happy.  I am such a mother.  I am happy when my babes are happy and they all seem to be.

Getting ready for family reunion…best news of the week was that my youngest sister WILL be coming, making it 4 for 4 for the sisters.  Plus, my “fifth sister”, actually first cousin, will be there, along with my Dad and his wife, my Mom and her husband…a very full week spent in one of the most incredible places on earth, where we plan to retire when/if we retire.  This year, reunioners are coming from Alaska, WA, CA, NV, GA, MA and possibly FL and VT to our heaven-away-from home, ME.  We will toast those who weren’t able to come this year and hope that they can make it to our next reunion, tentatively planned for Northern CA.

I have pretty much decided to audition for Steel Magnolias with a group other than my own.  I haven’t acted in a long time and this is a show I have always wanted to do.  I had actually thought I would direct it, but the group in the town next door nabbed it and I just can’t resist.  Auditions are the day after my return from reunion.  Good thing I LOVE to audition!

We have finally gotten our rain…a lot of rain and thunder and lightning and wind for days, on and off.  Love it, but we haven’t been able to mow the lawn for weeks…also, it hasn’t brought with it the cooler temps rain usually brings.  Sweaty and rainy…

Churning through the books on tape/CD this summer.  Lots of entertaining trash, the occasional more cerebral offering, thank you  Lots of podcasts, too, on my trusty Zune.  Musicals have taken a back seat, haven’t listened to a single one.

Off to get ready for work…it is definitely NOT a top down day, boo hoo.  Happy Thursday, all.


3 Responses to “More little bits…”

  1. Choff5 Says:

    Enjoy your reunion. What a beautiful place to be for it. I’m so glad things are working out for The Boy, and keep us posted on your audition!

  2. jgf Says:

    hi lynna…just caught this this a.m…and your other entries..really nice and sweet…glad to see that all is well….

  3. ragtopday Says:

    Your reunion spot is gorgeous! I hope the weather cooperates for you! We’re not so far away from you, and I am getting a bit tired of the soggy summer we’ve been having. Good luck on your audition – can’t wait to hear how it went!

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