Home again, home again…

June 29, 2008

Bags are still packed, full of dirty clothes; the mail is piled up on the kitchen counter; the weeds have taken over all the gardens…sure sign of the return from a week’s vacation.  We managed to make the bed before we fell into it…a good sleep, the first night home in our own bed with the cats coming and going.  We are watching some Brazilian series called Mandrake to try to postpone the inevitable…oh, well, it was worth it…a whole week away in paradise.  I’m hoping to squeeze in a manicure before the day ends…I can’t cut my own fingernails and they are getting out of control.

Son is a baker.  He took a break and is now looking for work.  He got a call from a swanky inn in a resort town in Maine and had his stage (that’s what they call your audition in the baking world, you have to bake).  They offered him the job of head baker and are sending him a contract and terms sheet.  Because they want him to start right away, they are offering temporary housing until he can find something.  He hasn’t said yes, he is putting together a plus/minus list…it is nothing he had even thought about in terms of career, but could offer limitless possibilities.  I will be happy whether or not he takes it; it affirms that he can do what he wants and that’s a good thing.  Daughter discovered this a long time ago, it made me equally happy.  I guess I’m a happy woman.

All right, enough stalling…off to unpack and do laundry.  The only good news is that I have another week in paradise coming up in August…ahhhhhh…


One Response to “Home again, home again…”

  1. Heidi Lou Says:

    ALREADY?? It feels like our vacation just started! I can’t believe we’re home already!

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