What a week…

June 20, 2008

My theater group chose the one-act play I directed, When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet, to represent us at our annual drama festival last weekend.  Hubby was working in TX, son was riding his bike up mountains in Vermont, so I took advantage and spent the whole festival weekend (Friday night through Sunday night) in a beautiful little town in Western Massachusetts…shared a room with one of the festival stage managers.  I saw 12 of the 13 plays (I missed the one after ours on Sunday), was present for all the adjudications and workshops and felt so inspired and part of the “in crowd.”

Our show was scheduled to perform as the first entry of the Sunday session, 11am curtain.  The Ladies started arriving around 8:30, a gray, drizzly morning.  Off to the dressing room for hair and make-up, then costumes, with me flitting back and forth from dressing room to backstage.  Our set was minimal, a couple of flower-draped trellises, a table and chairs, a chaise and phony trees and flower-draped plant stands.  We had 10 minutes to set it up (we only used about 4), then the house lights dimmed, the Emcee took the stage and we were off!  After we set the set, I raced around the theater, only to be turned away at the door.  I raced back around and watched the show from the downstage wings.  They were wonderful…they looked great, they sounded great and the audience loved them.  YES!  Our adjudication was painless and even very flattering for the most part.  Whew.  Then on to the awards ceremony.  The whole cast and crew clustered in the theater to hear our names announced EIGHT TIMES!  Eight nominations…totally unexpected for our little “David” to swim with the “Goliaths”!  We were nominated for Best Production, Best Supporting Actress, Best Set Design, Best Sound Design, Best Costumes, Best Make-up, Best Director and Best Ensemble…AND WE WON BEST ENSEMBLE!  Unbelievable.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful weekend and I am still aglow.  The Ladies ROCKED (including Ed [sound]and Dave [stage manager] and David [lights] as honorary Ladies).


3 Responses to “What a week…”

  1. lewis1212 Says:

    What a fun weekend. Congratulations again!


  2. heidilou Says:

    That’s so cool! Congratulations!

    I like the picture. Especially the blonde lady in the mirror holding the camera.

  3. Choff5 Says:

    Congratulations! What a great weekend. I agree with Heidilou on the picture – g!

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