Tid bits…

May 28, 2008

I weeded on and off for three days.  While it looks much better, it only served to reinforce how much work it is to have pristine gardens.  Thank goodness I am not a pristine garden kinda person.  But I DO love to sit on the ground and weed weed weed.

I hate ticks.  We are in full tick season already and I am finding them everywhere…even crawling on a pair of shorts in a bin at BJ’s Wholesale last weekend.  Gross.  I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of them, short of euthanizing our beloved cats.

Spring in New England…what can I say except Ahhhhhhhhhh…

Did you read the article on a study that says people with ADD lose 3 weeks of work a year?  I am trying to take my time to process this and not fly off on a tangent.  I guess I waste enough time as it is.

Because the weather has been so “back and forth”, I haven’t been able to complete my semi-annual clothes swap.  I have both my spring/summer/fall clothes out AND my winter clothes…sandals competing with boots.  What a mess!  I think this coming weekend I will have to bite the bullet and trust that mama nature has no more chilly surprises for me.


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