April 30, 2008

One and my friends and I happen to work in the same town about a half hour from home.  I have on a few occasions taken her to and from work, on days when her husband needs her car.  She emailed me last night to ask if I wanted to carpool on a regular basis, given the ever-rising cost of gas.  This simple question aroused in me an immediate, primal response…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…hmmm….  I grew up a California girl.  Your car was your life.  You can’t get anywhere without one.  I have been an East Coast transplant since 1974, and have come to love public transportation, when it is available.  LOVE the T in Boston.  BUT I like to have my car available to me just in case.

The other issue is me.  I LOVE my drive time to and from work.  I listen to books on tape, I watch the seasons change the scenery of my commute, I breathe the smells of hayfields and horse farms.  I decompress.  And an essential requirement for this enjoyment is that I am alone.

I was proud of myself.  I emailed her back and told her that I wanted to have my car at work all the time, but that I would be happy to take her tomorrow.  A compromise.  Hopefully her feelings won’t be hurt and definitely I will continue to enjoy me quiet commutes.


3 Responses to “Carpooling”

  1. ragtopday Says:

    I can definitely relate. I treasure my time alone and I have my own “alone in the car” things in mind to do – catch up on podcasts, listen to the silence, think about something, or whatever. The pressure of having to carry on an actual conversation on a regular basis would do me in. Congratulations for holding on to that for yourself.

  2. heidilou Says:

    I agree. I would hate to have to have to have a conversation with somebody every day to and from work.

  3. Hope Says:

    Good girl,Lynna. You did the right thing. I would feel the same way and don’t have nearly the drive that you do. I like to leave when I want to and stop where I need to on the way home. Now and then it might work, but not every day.

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