Spring is springing…

April 13, 2008

I love living in New England.  Each season brings with it the good, the bad and the hopeful.  The good, in the case of spring, far outstrips the bad.  Those last stubborn snow piles at the end of the driveway (where a winter’s worth of snow plow scrapings accumulated) are gone, the daffodils and crocuses are just beginning to peep green tips out of the mulch, my winter coat makes way for spring wraps, boots are still worn occasionally, but more for style than need.  The man across the street thatched and mowed his lawn for the first time and the drone of the tractor makes me think of summer…oops, this is about spring!  The only bad thing I can think of at the moment is mud. The hopeful are too many to list, but high up on the list is LIGHT!  It gets light earlier and stays light longer…ahhhh…I may be a New Englander now, but the California girl still loves her light.  Bare feet…I am a barefoot girl yeararound, but spring means bare feet outside…ahhhh again.

First things first…taxes are calling…I can’t put it off any longer…I guess that falls on the “bad” list, but will be moved to the “good” list once finished and filed.  Dreaming of the smell of cut grass and the roar of the rototiller…


One Response to “Spring is springing…”

  1. heidilou Says:

    I just announced to John that it’s safe for him to come out and talk to me. Taxes are done and filed. Earlier today, while I was still working on taxes, I warned him that if he looked at my crosseyed I might just bite his head off. He wisely went upstairs and his in his office until I was done.

    Damn, I’m glad that’s done for another year! What a pain in the butt! The good news is that we’ll be getting money back from federal and both states.

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