Give my regards to Broadway…

March 6, 2008

What a weekend! P had business in NYC, so I begged an extra couple of days off and went with him. We drove down in a snowstorm Saturday morning. He worked, I played. I am such a scaredy cat, I told my boss and my good friend that I was too nervous to go to the theater by myself; they told me I was crazy to miss the chance. So I girded my loins Sunday afternoon. I took advantage of off-Broadway’s two week promotion called 20 at 20; you show up at any off-Broadway show 20 minutes before curtain and you can buy a ticket (if available) for $20. I saw Secrets of a Soccer Mom (in preview, it just happened to be the press performance) from the front row. The best part was that although the complex is called the Snapple Theater, the name over the door is the Jerry Orbach Theater…Jerry Orbach was my hero. It was meant to be. On Monday, I stood in line at the half-price TCKTS booth and got tickets for P and me to see Avenue Q. A great show, the symbiosis between the actor and his/her puppet was just amazing. See it when you can. The rest of the time, I walked around Manhattan for hours, people-watching and being one with the crowds, and eating and drinking (my new favorite is the lemon meringue martini I drank a few of in the Flatotel bar. I also got to spend time in the evenings (as well as the drive down and back up) with my husband, who has been working in a different state for months. Heavenly…

My new stated goal is to spend a long weekend every now and again on the road with my husband.  Good for us and good for me.


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