Not much to say

February 11, 2008

I haven’t posted in a few days and was feeling unaccountably drawn to the site.  Hmmmm….maybe I’m harboring something that wants to bust out.

Until that makes itself known, I’ll just babble.  I mentioned before that when I became President of our community theater group, I discovered that I love power.  I am such a follower, not a leader, so this discovery took me completely by surprise.  This is tech week for the show I am directing and we are in great shape.  I, however, am buzzing around like a fruit fly.  I have been doing the group’s programs for a while now, so I did my own; I self-produced, which meant that I had lots of decisions and arrangements to make.  Now we just need to get an audience in to see the shows and I will be a happy woman.  But, it is another indication of my power trippy ways…no one can do anything better than I can.  WHERE DID THIS SUDDENLY COME FROM?

All that said, I’m very tired.  I want to stay in bed for at least two days.  Ain’t gonna happen, but it is nice to think about.<G>  The good news is that banks are closed next Monday (President’s Day) and I get bank holidays off.  Yes!  I just need to get through this week and the next two weekends.


2 Responses to “Not much to say”

  1. ramblingmom Says:

    Break a leg (and make lots of money — or at least enough to break even).

  2. choff5 Says:

    Your show will be great, but I’m sure you want it to be PERFECT. Just be sure to make some “me time” in there this coming three day weekend. Enjoy!

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