Upside down…

February 4, 2008

I’m feeling all out of whack and I don’t know why.  The Patriots lost yesterday and that was really sad.  I’m over it, but it was hard to watch them play so poorly…hard to watch my Tom Brady get smacked around all evening.  I listened to the last quarter of the game under the covers with my hand over my eyes.  It is really hard to hear all the nasty things that people say about the Patriots.  I honestly don’t agree with much of any of the bad things that people say.  People have the right to say it and think it, but I don’t personally believe it.

P was supposed to be on a plane this evening, but his flight to the Upper Midwest was canceled due to weather.  So he’s home and I’m adapting.  He’ll be out of here at 4:30 tomorrow morning, so the house will be mine soon…mwha ha haaaa…

The show I’m directing opens a week from this Friday.  Ack!  I have self-produced this one and it has been a lot of work.  I hope people enjoy it.

My son the baker gave 6 months’ notice last Saturday.  Yes, it is THAT hard to find someone to take his place.  He’s been working 5-6 10-12 hour days a week (the 12 hours being between 6pm and 6am) and needs a little light in his life.  He’s conscientious and doesn’t want to leave his boss in the lurch.  He is hoping to find a place to work helping people’s lives improve.  How noble is that?  He’s lucky he lives at home and doesn’t have to pay rent.

Happy Monday evening, all!  Whew…another one gone!


One Response to “Upside down…”

  1. Hey, when you are a FAN, you are supposed to be blinded 🙂 I would expect nothing less!

    Good luck with the show.

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